Cocktail Hair Studio - Services Offered:

[All pricing is subject to change] CANCELLATION POLICY POSTED BELOW 

  • Specialty Lightening/ Creative Color starts at $110/hour [3-8 hours] 

Specialty lightening includes any babylight, microweave, balayage, airtouch, or foilyage. These modern day blonding techniques require up to date education, master skill and precision and are unpredictable time-wise. This includes all services done within the appointment such as lightening, coloring, vivid application, toning, hair cutting, treatments and blow dry. 

  • Basic Highlight/ Custom Color starts at $95/hour [2-4 hours]

Basic highlights or lowlights and/or custom base color pattern. This includes all services done within the appointment such as basic highlight, color, cut, treatments, toners, blow dry. [any end work, correcting, or advanced lightening technique will NOT fall under this category] 

  • Root Coverage/Base Color starts at $110+ [2 hours]

One solid color on one inch of regrowth. Must not exceed 1 inch, if so please book a color correction. Includes blow-dry. 

  • Platinum aka Bleach/Tone/Treat starts at $220+ [3.5 hours] 

Regrowth must not exceed 3/4 inch [4 weeks of regrowth]. Olaplex and blow-dry included. If you have more than 3/4 inch regrowth please book a color correction.


  • Color Correction starts at $110/hour [3-8 hours]

For those wanting a hair transformation or need a bad hair job corrected. Includes all lightening, coloring, treatments, toners, haircuts, and blow-dry. 


  • Haircut starts at $95+ [1 hour] 

Gender/Age neutral. Blow-dry included. No longer offering stand-alone dry trim appointments.

  • Add On Trim $50 [30 min] 

A trim can be added on to any color or treatment appointment. A trim is when the ends/tips aka the perimeter of your hair is cut and does not include any layering, reshaping, or texturizing. That would then qualify as a haircut. 

  • Brazilian Blowout starts at $350+ [3-4 hours]

This service is for those looking to reduce frizz, relax texture/curl, and last up to 12 weeks. 


  • Add On Treatment [Olaplex, B3, Gloss] starts at $95+ [30min added to a color or cut]

A gloss or bond building/reparative treatment that strengthens hair and last 4-6 weeks. This option is for when this service is added onto another [ie. Cut, Color, etc] [Olaplex take home is an additional $32]


Cocktail Hair Studio - CANCELLATION POLICY:

Notice of cancellation or rescheduling must be given no less than 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Failure to give proper notice will result in a charge of the service scheduled. 

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